What I do

Software development

I have over 4 years experience in developing for iOS. I write clean code, lead projects and ship products.

Agile methodologies

I work in an agile fashion, using sprints and other agile methodologies to keep projects flexible and collaboration tight.

User Experience

UX is applying design rules and testing the outcomes. I wireframe and prototype to achieve the best experience for users.

Some of my work

CoinJar Touch

Aston Club


Telstra 24x7


Hobart Golden Nuggets Club

What people say

"Aron epitomizes professionalism - he's knowledgable, trustworthy and honest. He works well with teams to add value at any stage of the development cycle..."

- David K. Iyamah

"Aron is a great problem solver, thinker and expert in iOS Development. We worked together on a tight timeframe with very new (undocumented) tech and Aron was able to figure out all the issues and solve them quickly to get a great outcome."

- Jeff Bonnes - Founder at Geeks Inc.

"Aron is the best thing that ever happened to our Codebase. He came on a particularly stressful time and immediately tackled a big hairy problem in our live app. Not only did he fix the original problem but he helped us tidy up lots of brittle areas, introduced tests to improve coding practices, and became a true partner in evolving the user experience..."

- Angel Andersion - Founder and CEO of Nailsnaps

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